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Homemade Ajvar Homemade Malidzano Homemade Malidzano Homemade Lutenica Slatko od kivi Slatko od smokvi MAMA'S white watermelon MAMA'S homemade ajvar 290 g MAMA'S home style malizzano 290 g MAMA'S baked beans MAMA'S cherkins
  • This Ajvar is like shark caviar! -Vlastimir Vidoeski, Skopje
    MAMA’S rules, I swear! -Ivan Lekic, Belgrade
  • We don’t need to make Ajvar at home anymore... -Dimitar Prodanov, Skopje
    This is a product made for Manhattan NY. -Vladimir Mitevski, New York
  • - In Macedonia I had the best breakfast ever. I had Ajvar. It’s heaven. -Daryl Hannah, Guest at Manaki Brothers Film Festival – Bitola, Macedonia
MAMA'S Story Styling Creative Team
  • How it all began...

    Not long ago, somewhere in the southern Balkans, in the old Skopje restaurant DUKAT, there were three friends sitting in the restaurant, Petar, Kalin and Boban. The three big gourmands were having a true Macedonian business meeting, like true Macedonian managers in front of a rich dining table on which there was absolutely everything that a hungry eye could wish for.

    Our friends had a feast with different types of meat, appetizers, cheese, salads, rakija and wine, not aware that precisely these most delicious meals will be the reason for their loud discussion.

    Mesmerized by the different types of ajvar, lutenica, pindzur, dried and chopped peppers and all other known types of peppers, the three of them were dipping in the platter with thirst, when all of a sudden, completely unexpected, Petar’s statement disturbed the calm and homely atmosphere in the restaurant: "The ajvar is ingenious, I swear. Only my mother’s is better then this one!"

    Whether he said it intentionally or was provoked by a hot pepper, we do not know, but the die was cast! The next one to speak up was Boban who with a full mouth claimed that his mother added a special spice in the ajvar and that hers was the most delicious ajvar in the world. Not to be left out, Kalin convinced his friends that the secret to an ajvar’s success is not in the spice but in the love that his mother gave while preparing the ajvar.

    Here you can read the whole story about how the brand was made.

  • Styling

    is an authentic and original, urban Macedonian housewife who, despite the dynamic way of living finds time to prepare homemade, delicious food.

    The look and inspiration for styling:

    Hat – Our mothers keep the Ajvar, produce it at home wrapped up in newspapers. That way they put the jars one next to the other in boxes and prepare themselves for the winter season. The colors and the design of hat are inspired from that tradition.

    Skirt – We chose the black color, because it fits best within the whole contrast of colors and points out the curves of unique jar. We provide special spacing on the label, beside the mandatory branding and description of the product (logotype) to the ingredients. This is mostly because of the specific and authentic regions they come from.

    Necklace – For every lady, an important part of her styling is the jewelry. An authentic necklace in the shape of a pepper, "Kapia" breed, the symbol of Macedonia, on which you can read some details about the concept and the story behind .

  • Creative Team

    Cast in order of appearance:
    • Initiative by and Chief Executive Producer
      - TRGOPRODUCT d.o.o (”guilty as charged” for the unique taste of)
    • Development of the brand strategy and concept –
      MACEDONIA EXPORT Consulting
    • Directions for development of the visual identity (packaging)
      - MACEDONIA EXPORT Consulting (external associate - Jelkica Popovska )
    • Final Creative Visual
      - PeterGregsonStudio (Serbia)
    • Adaptation of the elements (English ver.)
      – Nikola Arseski
    • Photography and Editing - 1cm
      ( Martin Spasovski and Goce Bogdanovski )
    • Web Site Design
      Synapse Group
    • Copyright
    • PR text
      - Vera Bogdanovska
    • Text make up
      - Dimitar Banov
    • Linguistic editor
      - Magdalena Simionska
    • Implementation of Marketing and Production strategy
    • Big THANKS to:

      - "Dukat" Restaurant
      - KOMUNA A.D
      - Grafoservis - Strumica
      - FRENKI d.o.o Strumica
      - Moniko - Skopje
      - Polyesterday - Skopje
      - And all critically attuned friends (whose taste was not easy to please)


Homemade Ajvar Homemade Malidzano Homemade Lutenica Fild fig
with walnuts
Sweet Kiwi MAMA'S white watermelon МАМА’S baked beans МАМA’S gherkins
  • Homemade Ajvar

    Size: 550 g/290 g/200 g


    • Roasted pepper from Strumica
    • roasted eggplant from Valandovoо
    • sunflower oil
    • sea salt
    Recipe of: "mama Maria"

  • Homemade Malidzano

    Size: 550 g/290 g/200 g


    • Roasted green pepper from Strumica
    • roasted eggplant from Valandovо
    • sunflower oil
    • sea salt
    Recipe of: "mama Elena"

    Homemade Malidzano Hot

    Size: 550 g/290 g/200 g


    • Roasted green pepper from Strumica
    • hot pepperoni
    • roasted eggplant from Valandovо
    • sunflower oil
    • sea salt

  • Homemade Lutenica

    Size: 550 g.


    • Roasted red pepper from Strumica
    • tomatos from Strumica
    • sunflower oil
    • sea salt
    Recipe of: "mama Katerina"

  • Fild fig with walnuts

    Size: 450 g.


    • Wild figs from Strumicaа
    • Walnuts
    • Sugar and lots of
    Recipe of: "Mama Ana"

  • Sweet Kiwi

    Size: 450 g.


    • Kiwi from Strumica
    • Vanilla
    • Sugar and lots of
    Recipe of: "Mama Sofija"

  • MAMA'S white watermelon

    Size: 450 g.


    • White watermelon from Kolesino
    • Sesame
    • Vanilla
    • Sugar
    • And lots of love
    The recipe of : mama Lena

  • МАМА’S baked beans

    Size: 560 g


    • Beans
    • onion
    • red chili pepper powder
    • wheat flour
    • sunflower oil
    • sea salt
    The recipe of: mama Milica

  • МАМA’S gherkins

    Size: 550 g.


    • Gherkins
    • water
    • acetic acid
    • sugar
    • sea salt
    • dill
    • onion
    • mustard seed
    • black pepper
    The recipe of: mama Nada

Homemade Production Ingredients Original Taste
  • Homemade Production

    People many times because of the machined process of production, compare the homemade Ajvar with the so called industrial one. Despite the fact that the process of production of “Homemade Ajvar” is in a factory using large automatic machines, it is made by an original recipe and is very similar to the traditional way of making
    HOMEMADE AJVAR. In order to keep the freshness of the ingredients, the production of one series of final HOMEMADE AJVAR is done at once.
    From the moment of gathering the peppers from the fields, up until the moment of filling the jars, pass exactly 12 hours.

    • 05:00 – 10:00ч – Gathering of the peppers
    • 10:00 – 11:30ч – Constant distribution to the production plant
    • 11:30 – 13:00ч – Automatic removal of the handles and the seeds
    • 13:00 – 13:30ч – Washing the peppers and the egg plants
    • 13:30 – 13:50ч - Roasting the peppers and the egg plants
    • 13:50 – 14:30ч – Peeling of the pepper (automatically)
    • 14:30 – 15:00ч – Additional hand peeling of the peppers is applied, so that the automatically missed handles and seeds are removed
    • 15:00 – 15:30ч – Grinding of the roasted peppers and the egg plants
    • 15:30 – 17:00ч – From frying to packing *:
      • Frying the ingredients in mega frying pans
      • Fill the Ajvar in MAMA’S jars
      • Pasteurization of the jars (MAMA’S does not contain any preservatives, so it is best to eat it right after you open the jar)
      • MAMA’S dressing up (labeling, hat, and necklace)
      • Packing in boxes (12 jars/box)
    * Since the time of frying is part of the unique process of making HOMEMADE AJVAR, we can not reveal the time of its duration.
    Due to this standardized production process, the risk of “Has your Ajvar turned out well this year, neighbor?” is reduced to minimum.


  • Ingredients

    The elders say that if there is anything that puts Macedonia on the map, it must be the peppers and the tomatoes we produce. There isn’t a country in the world with so many original and different homemade recipes for peppers. The compliments from numerous foreign guests who had the honor of having a taste of the Macedonian Cuisine are a confirmation of that.

    For MAMA’S we gather the best ingredients from the richest areas in Macedonia and we mix them in one unique flavor.

    Magical Ingredients:


    The Kapia, also known as “ajvarka” (because it is the basic ingredient of the Ajvar) is one of the most massively produced agricultural products in Macedonia. Kapia is mostly produced in the southern part of Macedonia which is characterized by the unique climate and great number of sunny days. Especially Strumica and its region, where we gather the peppers for making MAMA’S, are known for the numerous sunny days (average of 290 sunny days per year).

    Egg plant

    The egg plant is used as an extra special ingredient to the Kapia, in the production process of MAMA’S. Its single taste adds a special flavor to MAMA’S Ajvar and makes its structure unique. The Valandovo region, because of its specific Mediterranean climate is a great region for the production of the best egg plant.

    Sunflower oil

    High quality sunflower oil from Macedonian origin is used as a basic ingredient in the production process. It is the glue that unites the peppers and the egg plants in a unique structure.

    Sea salt

    Every dish… needs a little salt in it!
    ...and a little bit of magic!

    Suitable for vegeteriants. Gluten FREE.

  • Original Taste

    is made according to a unique and exactly balanced recipe of flavors. The ingredients are from specified areas and regular distributors in Macedonia. The input of those ingredients in the final product is always standard and identical.

    One rotation, from the gathering of the peppers from the fields until the final production and packing of product, lasts 12 hours. In this way we keep the freshness and quality of the peppers (the main ingredients in the Ajvar). Bearing in mind that the season of gathering the peppers is in September and October, the production of Ajvar is completed in daily cycles during that period.

    Because of the natural diversification of every crop of peppers, certain discolorations and slight difference in the structure of the product is possible*. However, the taste always stays the same!!!

    *In order to keep the organic flavor and the traditional method of production, we do not add any additives or artificial colors in .


   Send us your favorite recipes that best suit flavor.
  Download recipe book


The most authentic and original way to enjoy the real taste of MAMAs Homemade AJVAR is to spread it on some freshly baked home-made bread and serve it with some white Macedonian sheep cheese.


MAMAs pepper spread can add a rich flavour to your grilled meat delicacy. Brilliant with all types of meat, but also can be as a side dip to grilled beefsteak.


In the moments when the guests are in front of the door and have caught you unprepared, MAMAS Homemade AJVAR can be a real life-saver. Just open one 350g. jar and toss the potato/corn chips on the plate. Add slices of parmesan on the side for stronger ta


The Macedonian board is complete only when MAMAs flavors are included! Arrange salami and other delicatesseen meat , cheese, green olives, and express your creativity by adding almonds, dried grapes or dried figs.


The harmony of different MAMAs flavors is a great starter for your feast, or let the MAMAs trio be the perfect supplement to your main dish!


Refresh the traditional recipes with new, never before tasted combinations. Add MAMAs in the Viska pita with prosciutto, mozzarella, parmesan and make it your secret ingredient!
All recipes are prepared in restaurant Dukat


Also, you can read interesting information and discussions on our blog (www.mamasfood.mk/blog/).

MAMA'S Facts

Fact 1: It is a big lie that the Slovenians have patented the name AJVAR, and because of that our manufacturers call it AJVER. No one can protect a name with universal meaning (AJVAR is a generic name of a traditional Balkan product). The people from the southern parts of Macedonia pronounce it AJVER due to the dialect that they use.

Fact 2: MAMA’S Ajvar is preservatives free (consume it right after opening).

Fact 3: The name “Ajvar” comes from the Turkish phrase “hay-var” which means “salty caviar” and shares the same etymology with the caviar.

Fact 4: The Ajvar originally comes from Serbia. This is not true. However, it is a fact that no one can say with exact certainty, where it originally comes from.

Fact 5: The Ajvar is a widely spread and popular delicacy in the Balkans and it is a part of every table.

Fact 7: It is a fact that Chuck Norris’s mom could make Ajvar even before it had appeared in the Balkan (this fact is still not completely confirmed).



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